New silicon-to-cloud security solutions shown by NetFoundry at IoT Solutions World Congress

NetFoundry announced its partnership with Micron Technology, Inc. and Tata Communications to provide zero trust silicon-to-cloud secured connectivity via any IP network in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) community.

A demonstration of this groundbreaking capability will be featured in the IIC Pavilion at IoT Solutions World Congress to be held from October 16 – 18, 2018 in Barcelona. NetFoundry aims to solve many of the adoption challenges IIoT presents with Micron and Tata Communications.

The joint solution demonstrates the ability to connect and protect highly distributed endpoints, automation-based zero-trust, and immutable identity from silicon via the network to the cloud. Additionally, the solution utilises identity-bound AppWANs for micro-segmented connectivity and services that are natively hybrid/multicloud.

“The market is facing major fragmentation surrounding a complex array of security technologies consisting of software and hardware in IIoT solutions. What is needed is a simple, unified approach starting with the trustable identity provided by the hardware to build a zero-trust approach to access apps at the edge and in the cloud.

Working with some of the providing players in the market, NetFoundry is demonstrating zero-trust from silicon-to-cloud. This enables OEMs, enterprises, systems integrators, and others in the IIoT ecosystem to protect critical systems using a highly automated approach, while enabling compliant heterogeneous ownership and reducing the complexity of their deployments”, said Galeal Zino, president of NetFoundry.

The combination of NetFoundry and Micron Authenta technology in flash memory brings tremendous code integrity to critical edge devices through authenticated commands enabling firmware and software updates as well as certificate generation for identity.

This joint solution enables devices to establish trust through high quality certificates initiated within Authenta-enabled flash memory and authenticated core commands only verifiable by Authenta-enabled flash memory. These core functions underpin pre-existing encryption and network protections provided by other solution elements.

This joint approach brings a unification of core device-level management needs to a broad array of devices very quickly, allowing rapid acceleration of uServices enablement to users that want to adopt an app store mentality but live in a zero-trust environment.

“Authenta-enabled flash is designed to address technology fragmentation – a major industry barrier for pervasive adoption of strong cybersecurity in IoT devices – by adding key roots of trust and attestation capabilities into standard flash memory silicon present in virtually all intelligent systems,” said Amit Gattani, senior director of embedded segment marketing at Micron Technology’s embedded business unit.

“This silicon-level trust enables strong platform level security for the IoT devices and enables high integrity cloud services to manage these devices.” The IoT Solutions World Congress demonstration will use zero-trust NetFoundry AppWANs to connect forklifts using Micron Authenta technology across the NetFoundry global network fabric to Microsoft Azure using Tata Communications MOVE global cellular network as transport.

Tata Communications MOVE provides highly secure and programmable global cellular connectivity required for mission critical IoT applications. It provides businesses with real-time visibility and control for optimum cost management and policy enforcement.

It also has a programmable interface using an extensive range of APIs for easy integration with customers’ business processes and supply chain. Furthermore, it leverages SIM as a secure element to enable seamless device provisioning and certificate management capabilities.

“We enable service providers, businesses and their employees to capture, move and manage information seamlessly and securely worldwide,” said Tim Sherwood, VP of business development, mobility and IoT, Tata Communications.

“The powerful combination of Tata Communications MOVE and NetFoundry brings managed edge-to-cloud connectivity for distributed IIoT solutions that combines the security, visibility and control of private networks with the economies of scale of the public internet. We hope this demo helps pave the way for more successful IIoT deployments globally.”

The partnership is poised to bring a multitude of zero-trust solutions to the industry, enabling unmatched security with identity-driven connectivity at scale and global reach.

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